As concessionaire for many large events such as the Virgin Mobile Festival, San Diego Mardi Gras, and the Preakness Stakes, CCH has the experience to make your event the success you envisioned. CCH owns all of its food and beverage equipment, tenting and flooring, as well as a fleet of trucks, tractors, and trailers. Also, CCH has its own team of architects, carpenters, and artists who can transform any venue to suit your event.


CCH understands that each event should be tailored to the specific demographic of the patrons and is proud to showcase a wide variety of menu options. Along with offering all of the industry’s staple items such as hot dogs and burgers, CCH also provides many different vegetarian, vegan, and organic options.

CCH uses the freshest products available to maintain the highest in food quality. We have developed and maintained numerous relationships with national as well as local purveyors in the food and beverage industry. Any additional eclectic foods that would enhance the experience for the patrons would be provided by one of CCH’s many trusted outside.


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