Charm City Hospitality (CCH), established in 1997, is a privately-owned special event management and concession company with headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland. As both a management and concession company, CCH is a one-stop-shop. With expertise in all logistics, CCH will handle everything from site planning to selling sponsorship to all aspects of production. As a concession company, CCH has provided high quality food and beverage concessions at numerous large events all over the US, ranging from sporting events to music festivals. Charm City Hospitality’s expertise and long term relationships with vendors is second to none.

The Charm City Hospitality Staff

Jerry Gottlieb


Jerry started in the food and beverage industry in 1991 working as an independent contractor and is well versed in all facets of the industry. Understanding that each event has its own identity and logistical guidelines, Jerry knows that a hands-on approach is the most effective. This combination of hands-on experience and love of the industry has helped make CCH the successful boutique operator it is today.

Lisa Gottlieb

Vice President

Lisa brings twenty years of education experience to her job as staffing and finance coordinator. A certified Alcohol Awareness instructor and recipient of a Governor’s Citation for responsible community service, Lisa is able to recruit and train quality staff members quickly and efficiently.

Kat Griffin

Event Coordinator

Kat is our CCH go-to and oversees numerous aspects of each event, from pre-event logistics to post-event resolution and everything in between. Kat brings with her 10 years of experience and an impressive understanding of the event industry.

Alex Changuris

Operations Manager

Alex has held multiple positions during his time at CCH including Runner, Groundskeeper, and Operations Manager. His varying experiences have benefitted Alex with wide-ranging knowledge and a unique ability to view matters from multiple perspectives.

Sean Sheehe

Operations Manager

Sean began as a runner for CCH and quickly became a manager. He graduated from Towson University where he played lacrosse for 4 years. Through this experience, Sean gained valuable team building and management skills. Sean relies on his extensive construction experience to oversee build-out of offsite venues.

Jeff Black

Operations Manager

Jeff began working for CCH in 2009 and quickly took the reigns as a Runner Manager. Jeff gained a great understanding of the industry during his Business Management studies, but it is his 5 years of hands on experience with the company that has made Jeff the outstanding leader he is today.

Taylor Kleiner

Vendor Coordinator

Taylor serves as a liaison between CCH, event production teams, and third-party vendors. Taylor holds a degree in Public Relations from the Communication Department at the University of Maryland and has unique experience in producing both large-scale concerts and festivals as well as fundraising events for nonprofit corporations.

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